About Us

Who are we?

Dan and Berni’s Story

Ginger Hill Antiques was born out of a love for the old, unique and unusual thus in 2008 Flint Hill Vintage was established in tiny town of Flint Hill, Virginia. For two years and a half years the apple packing shed was our home away from home. We love the town of Flint Hill but an opportunity to move to another hill beckoned in August of 2010 and thus we moved to Ginger Hill between Washington and Sperryville Virginia.

Bringing our love of “old” to customers has been fun, educational and fascinating and we love the people we meet and the items we find. There’s always another treasure waiting to be found and discovered.

Update September 18, 2012:  We continue to grow and expand and welcome 27+ new dealers to The Shops @ Ginger Hill Antiques!

July 2013:  Life is constantly changing here at The Shops @ Ginger Hill– such a great lesson in life to be open to the constant change that life brings.

October 2014:  We just celebrated 4 years here and look forward to another 25!

December 2015: Sadly we sad goodbye to Scout our wonderful store ambassador dog, friend to many, missed by all.

July 2016:  Change continues!  Old Rag Photography and 7 Artists will be moving in August 1.  We welcome them and are excited to have them here in The Shops!

The Shops Dealers

Steve Eastham, Elizabeth Allen, Jo Tartt,  Al and Monica Harris, Nancy Brown, Steve Eastham, Pete Cecere, Deborah Moore and Jon Kinard, Don Nagle, Eric Garcia, Chris Hofman, Judy Sikora, Judy DeSarno David and Leslie Poran, James Williams, Catherine & Steve Markhardt